Teachers, what do you do at two o'clock in the afternoon when kids are bored and disengaged from the current classroom discussion? You know your kids need one more round of review, but they are withdrawn and stare at the clock just waiting for that bell to ring.

Okay kids, we need to review. So, let's pull out your smartphones. It is time to build and play a game to get you ready for tomorrow's quiz.

Games cannot replace traditional methods of teaching, but they can supplement classroom material and encourage kids to take that one extra step in review and test preparation. EdVenture Mazes and other such games can be used in an informal way to supplement traditional material from the classroom and reach kids who might otherwise be disinterested.

Our game illustrates the following important principles in supplemental homework games:

  • Ownership - Kids participate and help teachers build their own creations.
  • Simplicity - Teachers and students build engaging games quickly, using current classroom material. You don't need to be a programmer.
  • Creativity - Kids can customize and post their own creations and can seek ratings from other students.
  • Availability - Kids can access and play their own homework game from anywhere, using any mobile device.

Going beyond flash-cards, EdVenture Maze was designed with the idea that success in learning often comes through exploration and discovery. Interactive challenges become the most memorable. Multi-sensory experiences engage the mind and foster learning. Our goal in designing this service was to harness these principles in delivering interactive learning mixed with fun.